Introduction, I suppose...

So as I sit here in my slightly stuffy, greasy pizza scented dorm room, I figure maybe I should do something productive with my life. It is only 10:33 AM and I have yet to do anything except roll out of bed and make myself a bowl of oatmeal. It was good oatmeal, at least. Pomegranate oatmeal--perhaps the healthiest choice I can make here.

After years of watching YouTubers and reading blogs, I figured why not make my own? It couldn't possibly hurt, unless someone who knew me found this and taunted me, but whatever, honestly. I'm a nobody at this school and people from my high school have most likely forgotten me. This can be something to distract me.

So I suppose what I am saying is, hello and welcome! I will make certain to update as frequently as I can. Not entirely sure what this blog will consist of. My favorites in clothing and style, maybe. Probably not too much in makeup--I don't wear much because I'm frankly quite horrible with it. Maybe some health related things, too, because I have really got to get on track! And lifestyle posts, because I absolutely love venturing outside and snapping a few shots of my favorite bits.

Sounds about right. Well, I suppose I'll be back in my next post!

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